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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Iraq Cry: Al-Sisi’s a Jew! Egypt is Now Israeli-Occupied Territory | Veterans Today

Note: The Muslim Brotherhood has been an operation of British MI6 Royal Arch Freemasonry for many decades. That makes them khafir to the Ummah.

Without its Christians in the center of belief in God and His Messiah Jesus Christ, the long slow slide to the Antichrist for Palestine, begun when Persia was still an empire ruled by Magians and Zoroastrians and Palestine was Roman, will come to pass.

Iraq Cry: Al-Sisi’s a Jew! Egypt is Now Israeli-Occupied Territory | Veterans Today

Al-Sisi’s a Jew! Egypt is Now Israeli-Occupied Territory | Veterans Today


Al-Sisi’s a Jew! Egypt is Now Israeli-Occupied Territory

Greater Israel Project – a long-standing Zionist scheme to steal all
the land between the Nile and the Euphrates – is halfway there.
They just stole the Nile.
The problem is not that Egypt’s new thug-in-chief, General Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi, is a Jew. (His mother, Malikah Titani, is a Moroccan Jew from Asefi, which makes al-Sisi a Jew and an automatic citizen of Israel.)
the Egyptian people want to elect a Jew president in a free and fair
election – like they elected the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) to the Lower
House with 73% of the vote, the Upper House with 80% of the vote, the
presidency with 52% of the vote, and approved the MB Constitution with
64% of the vote – that’s fine with me.
problem is that al-Sisi has concealed his Jewish identity and Israeli
connections from the Egyptian people…and destroyed their nascent
democracy through deception and mass murder.
even bigger problem: al-Sisi is almost certainly a Mossad agent. That
means al-Sisi’s Egypt is not just a brutal, banana-republic-style
dictatorship. It is Israeli-occupied territory: The newest and largest
province of ever-expanding Greater Israel.
uncle, Uri Sibagh (sometimes spelled as Sabbagh) served in the Jewish
Defense League (Hamagein) from 1948 to 1950, made his aliyah to Israel,
and became a bigwig in Ben Gurion’s political party, serving as the
secretary of the Israeli Labor Party in Beersheba from 1968 to 1981.
Uri’s sister – al-Sisi’s mother – presumably emigrated to Egypt on a
mission from the Mossad. That mission culminated when the Mossad
overthrew President Morsi and installed its agent al-Sisi in the coup
d’état of July 3rd, 2013.
implication: Al-Sisi has been a lifelong Mossad agent. His mission:
infiltrate the highest levels of power in an Arab Muslim country.
Al-Sisi is today’s version of Elie Cohen, who infiltrated the highest
levels of power in Syria under the name Kamal Amin Thabet before he was
exposed and hanged in the public square in Damascus.
H.W. Bush’s famous line, “If the people knew the truth, they would
chase us down the street and lynch us” applies – in spades – to al-Sisi.
has been widely reported in the mainstream media, as well as by more
reliable sources, that al-Sisi has long served as the Egyptian
military’s liason with Israel. During the coup d’état of July 3rd, al-Sisi was in permanent liason by telephone with the Israeli and American militaries. (Israel promised its full support, and guaranteed that US aid would not be cut off, while the US waffled.)
Egyptian coup, especially its propaganda component, had all the
earmarks of an Israeli black op. A massively financed campaign run
through Egypt’s Israeli-linked mainstream media (yes, the same folks own
big media there as here) repeatedly compared President Morsi to Adolf Hitler!
The fact that “Morsi = Hitler” was the number one talking point of the
forces behind the coup reveals that those forces were Zionists, not
Egyptians. Apparently the Zionists couldn’t stop themselves from making
reflexive Dr. Strangelove-style anti-Hitler salutes while they were orchestrating the al-Sisi coup – thereby giving their game away.
the coup, Israel has been lavishing praise, money, and support on
al-Sisi.  Mossad agent al-Sisi has virtually declared war on Palestine
by going all-out to close the Gaza border tunnels that keep the people
of Gaza alive. Meanwhile, al-Sisi has taken billions of dollars from the
Rothschild puppets and likely donmeh crypto-Jews who call themselves the “House of Saud.”
the Zionist-dominated West and its Middle Eastern puppets will not
allow Muslims to elect relatively honest leaders in free elections.
Instead, they will use deception and violence to pursue their schemes
for regional and global domination.
Egyptian people – who elected the Muslim Brotherhood by a greater
landslide than any US political party has won in all of American history
– need a real Islamic revolution to create a genuine democracy. Without
it, Egypt will indefinitely remain “a boot stamping on a human face –
forever”…and a permanent province of Greater Israel, ruled by a
Jewish-Zionist thug who has appointed himself pharaoh, while hiding his
real background and loyalties.

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